Stay Tuned, More Great Petech Products Coming Soon!

An illustration of an adorable little dog with silly ears and a little button nose.An illustration of an adorable white kitten about to pounce playfully.An illustration of a cute white dog bone.A cartoony illustration of a fishes skeleton.An illustration of a white dog ball.

Check out these other great products from Petech.

A photograph of the Petech Product, SoftBreeze Clay-based Cat Litter.

SoftBreeze Cat Litter

SoftBreeze cat litter is as soft as silk, clumps firmly, and uses electrostatic tech to reduce dust.

A photograph of the Petech Product, BioBreeze Plant-based Cat Litter.

BioBreeze Cat Litter

Keep it green and care for kitty with our plant-based litter made from 100% renewable resources!

Someone playfully holds up the adorable ears of a small puppy.

Puppy Pads