Probiotic Shield

We've engineered a powerful natural technology that effortlessly eliminates unwanted pet smells. The ZenScent Probiotic Shield intercepts foul odours on a microscopic level and becomes your personalized line of defence against nasty, stinky pet smells.

Just look for the badge on Petech products to know it’s ZenScent equipped!

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What is ZenScent?

ZenScent Probiotic Shield is an advanced natural technology integrated into Petech’s pet products. It employs helpful microbes that target and neutralize odour-causing bacteria, ensuring foul smells are totally eliminated, not just covered up. This all-natural, chemical-free solution is safe for you, your family, and your pets, providing continuous odour protection.

How does it work?

Infusion of Helpful Microbes

Our products are infused with naturally occurring good microbes we call probiotics.

Targeting Bad Bacteria

The infused probiotics target bad bacteria responsible for creating unwanted smells.


The probiotics neutralize the bad bacteria, effectively eliminating odours.

Enjoy The Freshness

With bad smells out of the picture, you can relax and enjoy peace with your furry friend!

When everything is right in the home, everything is right in the world.

An adorable kitten lays on its back as if it's playing.An illustration of a cute yellow flower.An illustration of a friendly yellow flower.An illustration of a cute red flower.

The ZenScent Promise

An illustration of an adorable beige puppy paw print.

All-Natural and Chemical-Free

Safe for pets and humans alike.

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Effective Odor Elimination

Doesn’t mask smells—it eliminates them.

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Long-Lasting Freshness


Powerful odour protection for lasting freshness.

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